A Little Bit of My Experience

A Little Bit of My Experience

How do you put into words the desire to learn, teach and gain a relationship with great people you have known for a week and a half? 

Its a matter of letting your guard down and excepting someone, who started as a stranger, into your life. Asking questions to get to know them and giving answers that they know you. Sharing a few laughs to ease the tension and being there to help them through as much as possible. Not only with assignments in class but with life in general. Growing the bond with them everyday is irreplaceable. We grow our lives, stronger and united, everyday.

IMG_2809This experience has been one of the most rewarding trips I’ve ever taken. From the moments leading up to the trip, to being welcomed at the airport,  I haven’t stopped appreciating my decision to become part of this great program. I am reminded everyday  when we get welcomed with hugs and kisses that they look forward to being there just as much as we do. That desire is priceless. Never have I seen so many young people want to better themselves. And never have I seen so many selfless volunteers want to better the lives of those they work with.

About my activity today..

Todays lesson on physics was a very large group effort. We had so much information to share and so many willing students that wanted to receive it. We had a few setbacks that made the experiments a little harder to execute but the students were very understanding. The second half of the day went a lot smoother and the students were more involved in the construction of the bottle rocket.

IMG_3028My part of the presentation on static electricity needed some work after the morning session. My nerves took over and the new information i was presenting was a little difficult to understand. This is where the help of the other volunteers came in. they offered me advice and suggestion to make the presentation better for the kids. With their help i was able to produce a much better presentation for the afternoon class. My nerves were still there but i knew that i had the support of my colleagues and that lifted a giant weight off my shoulders. I want to thank everyone for their help. It is greatly appreciated. 

Daniel Escobedo

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  1. Martin F dice:

    It was a challenge in Spanish but done well in the end. See you in Scotland soon! 😀

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