Our first full day with the kids

Our first full day with the kids

The sweating palms, fast beating heart, the butterflies again. It seems like only last week I had these feelings first entering the classroom in campinas. The first nerves of a new day, a new project and our first full days with the students of the school. 

IMG_4899My morning student Diana – what a special girl, the more we spoke the more I learned of her maturity beyond her years. A very bright student wanting to move to a career in social work, a mother herself with the most beautiful son. We had a very funny morning with a lot of laughing. 

Victor my afternoon student has aspirations of moving forward to a career in architecture. He is very bright and confident with the computer. He admits though that his maths skills are not very good- he asked for some help so I am going to spend my night preparing some help sheets we can do tomorrow. 

Both Diana and Victor know a small amount of English but like me with speaking Spanish they lack confidence. I hope as these next two weeks go forward we can all build a confidence that will benefit us. 

I am 5321 miles from my house, I travelled 38 hours to get here, but days like today make me think that home is not a place- home is a feeling. With the warm embrace and welcome we have received I can say that after our first day I feel right at home 

Eilidh Campbell

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  1. Virgi dice:

    Hugs do make everything seem OK, right?
    Take care and enjoy every minute… we will need a deep catch up on your way back! :)
    Big big hug for all the team but specially for my girls! 😉
    Miss you!!

  2. No creo que este post va a traducir muy bien en español como lo he escrito en un estilo coloquial (escribir como hablo) y hay emociones que son difíciles de decir en Inglés no importa en español!

    I do not think that this post will translate very well into Spanish as I have written it in a colloquial style (typing how I talk) and there are emotions that are difficult to say in English never mind in Spanish!

    My manager just asked me how the trip went & here is my reply …

    It was an incredible experience. Best bit most definitely working with the students and I was absolutely gutted & choked leaving them on Friday. I left with shades on to hide the state of my eyes! Absolutely beautiful people – on the inside and out as all the young lads looked liked they could step into a boy band any time and the girls are ridiculously pretty. Super friendly and grateful for our help though personally I’m sure I learned a lot more than I taught.

    Also ate amazing food; got into the local beverages; met the jefe of Iberdrola Mexy in the JW Marriott Hotel and some of the awesome staff from Iber Mex; visited Mayan Pyramids at Teoticuahan; painted a school for Save the Children; visited Zocalo (main square in Cuidad de Mexico); got lifted and laid at every turn; saw Aztec remains & soooo many things I’d never have believed I ever would.

    Had a couple of nice days out in Madrid too during stop-overs, including visiting the city centre’s park & shops and eating burgers in a Rasta café! (very Spanish obviously, well probably more Mexican as they love their music and have the coolest taste).

    Magdalena Contreras (the area we were in) will forever be in my thoughts & dreams and in my heart. Siempre MC.

    But I am missing my students badly. We have a Whatsapp group chat set up with them (Mexico lindo) and although we are in Facebook contact constantly they complain that I’m not exactly there for them when I’m abroad (en el extranjero)!! Heartbreaking or what?

    There’s no doubt lots of video and photographic evidence available as there were cameras, phones and videographers charting pretty much our every move. It felt a bit like a reality show at times and the students thrived in their ‘celebrity’ status. I hope and pray for their futures. The project very definitely does a LOT of good. In fact there’s a very nice letter on the intranet today from one of last year’s Brazil group.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this joyous opportunity happen. I love you all. Best wishes always to Fonabec, Codaf, FDI, Iberdrola all the voluntariados from Sco/Esp/Mex/USA (1 dream, 1 team) and most of all to our beloved students.

    Walk on with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone.

    Un abrazo / a hug

    Damien / Damo

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