Phase 3 begins / Comienza la fase 3



For me, it has been a joy to be here, an absolute privilege and a pleasure.

I have learned that the big shiny thing in the sky is called “o sol” …kkk

Thank you to FDI Fundación for being there. Without you this would not be possible.

Cheers to Phil D at home (unlucky), obrigado a Camila for os aulas de Portugués (apologies for my being so terrible); José for being available to guide us through the preparation stage & Laura Cambio for arranging the travel, accomodation and catering to our every whim.

We have been pampered! Now we think that we are celebrities jaja.

So many of the things that the locos voluntarios have done had to have been seen to be believed I cite you Victor’s cartwheel your Honour.

Suuuper Suuuper special thanks to the Angel that is Cristina & DJ Ainarita because las chiquitas Vasco have been able to translate between Weegie, Scouse, Castellano and Span-guese … often using the medium of dança.

They, and all of you others, have been almas hermosas from the first moment, and always will be. You are all pure quality / sound.

& so to México. Buena suerte a Miguel y Raquel. Estoy muy celoso. From the Cidade de Deus to the País de Diós.

Campinas, like Magdalena Contreras, will live in my heart / corazón forever. Siempre y para siempre.

There are too many people to mention, but I wish to salute 5 – Jozímar Tigre (LL 🐯), Jose Guillermo (my bro’), Pedro pjas (sempre São Paulo), Karoleina KP (❤) … & last but not least Enrique (🍀).

Advice if considering Involve? Just Do It / Solo hazlo / Apenas faça isso.

Hail hail

💚💛💙 / 💚⚽💝






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