Saturday Night “Ganchillo” Club

Saturday night dinner is finished and we are ready to go out to the “Ganchillo” club. The girls are running around to do their make up and the boys are making sure they smell good!

We have arrived at the “club” and it is very small only one floor.. but it is very cosy! Sweat is pouring down everybody while trying to find a seat! A seat to learn how to weave “ganchillo”! yes!

We have an activity with the students this coming Monday and Raquel has the challenge to teach all the volunteers how to weave “ganchillo”. “It is very easy”, “very easy”, we keep on saying to ourselves, but dealing with this sliding knot and the needle and the different tensions in the thread… Not super difficult, but not as easy as we had expected. “Come on” We can do it, we say to each other, “And how do you keep the circle in the thread?”, “and how do you get the thread through the circle?”, “and how do you turn this woven bit into the octopus you have?”… Raquel has a lot of patience with us, and for the whole team is a good fun.

Decision made: tomorrow in the bus to Teotihuacan everyone improving his “ganchillo” skills.

Akbar & Jon & Raquel


P.S we have also practised our surprise for next Friday!



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