Terca-feira : Experiments Day

Another great day with my new extended family! What a special group of people all with huge hearts – how privileged I am to be rubbing shoulders with them. The students are equally as special, they all embrace this gift from Involve and it is heart warming to see each and everyone of them greeting us with genuine loving hugs every day despite the facts that they have in there lives such despair and for many a life of loneliness… My goal each day for the students is to try and shift the balance to one of increased happiness, fun, ability, creativity and confidence.

Today’s practical lesson consisted of a mix of word processing, photo editing, website creation and PowerPoint presentations. Unfortunately the Internet was down for the morning group; a problem that needs addressing in the future…. To make the most of the available time and applications I suggested to my student that she could update her CV. Pushing her to understand that this item is another tool to create opportunity in her life, she agreed. Earlier in the week we had completed a few exercises utilising Word and exploring the formatting options, therefore today’s session was to be creative with the content.

To set the tone and motivate my student I suggested that she imagine that I was the owner of the most sought after company in Brazil and I am looking to recruit solely one person. The vacancy was for a role that she had always wanted. A thousand people will apply and the content of the CV will be the first phase of the selection process. The general idea being she needs to sell herself within the CV and make sure I get to see she has the drive, ability and passion to fulfil the role and bring quality to my company.

The end product was great and ten times better than the original that had been completed last week. It was beautiful to see the cogs turning in her head and although this may well be child’s play to many of us, the fact that I had planted another seed in the mind of this teenager to help her along in life’s journey was heart warming. All in all a great start to a beautiful day.

Today’s activity was science/experiments and I had volunteered to undertake the role of managing this along with my dear friend Cristina who is a fantastic volunteer and fully supported the project. Initially I had considered creating a lesson where we could construct an emergency power pack for mobile telephones using simply electronics, however, after some consideration and an update from Eilidh (aka linda) it was obvious that this could alienate some students as they did not all have mobile phones (so maybe next time). I had a rethink and landed on the idea that the electric wire and hook game would be a good choice give it would allow me to provide simple information on how an electric circuit works and allow the students to engage in practical work assembling the game and being creative with the wire that would need to be navigated using the hook.


The students all fully engaged into the activity and it made me so happy as I had been concerned. Every student completed the assembly following the hand out instructions and can say that the sound of twenty electronic buzzers all operating at the same time was deafening! Watching the students and volunteers working closely together was great. The feedback from the entire group gave a great sense of achievement and the activity was a success to my relief!

Another day over in what appears minutes not hours and the students depart and again each and every one makes the effort to thank each and every volunteer – a real sense of solidarity and unity. Wow, what an experience this really is, I am forever thankful to Iberdrola and Foundacionfdi for allowing us the opportunity to changes lives.

Final words – make every day count, embrace every opportunity that comes your way, love life and make every day special.

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